Open Rhinoplasty

Anticipated pain level Minimal
Anaesthetic General
Duration of Surgery 2 hours
Scars Virtually invisible, in and under the nose
Final results After 1 year
Social isolation 10 days


Open rhinoplasty offers more possibilities of intervention than the closed version. It is usually recommended when the desired correction includes an intervention on the tip of the nose, because the cartilaginous structures are more visible.


The Intervention

The nose operation takes an average of two hours, under general anaesthesia.


Results and Post-Operative Treatment

After the operation, packs are placed in the nose in order to prevent bleeding.

Bruises appear during the 48 hours after the intervention.

A plaster splint and a dressing must be kept in place for seven days.

Social activities can usually be resumed after two weeks.

The stitches under the nose are removed after four to five days. The nose operation leaves virtually no scars.

Know More About It

After the packs have been removed, the patient can have a blocked nose feeling which is simply due to the swelling of the mucous membrane.

During the first two weeks after the nose surgery, you are advised to refrain from blowing your nose.

Sport and movements obliging the patient to bend down or to pick things up are disadvised.


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Instructions for patients

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