A flat stomach meets a concern for aesthetics, well-being and health all at the same time.

Time, heredity, lifestyle, anatomy, weight variations or pregnancies can help to slacken the stomach’s skin.

Stretch marks or backache can occasionally occur.

Stomach surgery allows correction of the abdominal wall.

According to the elasticity of the skin and the right-hand-side muscles of the abdominal wall, and according to the size and the position of the excess fat, the surgeon will advise a tummy-tuck (or mini-facelift of the stomach) or a complete abdominoplasty, possibly in combination with a liposuction procedure.

While these operations enable you to “lose inches”, the result is always better for people who have already reached their ideal weight. You are therefore advised, if need be, to go on a diet before considering any intervention.

In addition, women who are planning to get pregnant must notify the surgeon during the first consultation.