Augmentation and
Remodelling of the Lips

Anticipated pain level Minimal
Anaesthetic Local
Duration of Surgery 45 minutes
Scars Invisible, at the corner of the mouth
Final results After 1 months
Social isolation 5 days


Augmentation of the lips makes it possible to remedy lips that are too thin. The treatment of the edge of the lips enables them to be redrawn, their contour to be improved and their thinning due to time to be combated. Naturally, harmoniously and discretely, the mouth is “repulped”, and made smoother, softer and more generous.

Augmentation of the lips also enables the folds between the mouth and the nose to be lessened. The remodelling or the augmentation can be temporary or definitive.


The Intervention

The lips can be temporarily remodelled by the injection of filler products.

The result can be temporary, by the injection of filler products. The result then lasts for about ten months

Two kinds of final filler substances are suggested to the patient:

• Either the introduction, via a small incision, of a supple implant. There are nine different sizes (three lengths x three diameters), which allow bespoke augmentation. The implant is placed inside the lip and therefore entails no discomfort.

• Or the introduction by injection of autological material, i.e. fat (purified) taken from the patient’s own body. This method of lip modelling is known as lipostructure or lipofilling.


Results and Post-Operative Treatment

The volume of the lips is increased under local anaesthesia and takes about an hour. The patient can return home immediately after the operation.

After the injection of a temporary filler product, social activities can be resumed on the day after the intervention. In the event of definitive lip remodelling, you are advised to wait three days after the intervention before going back to work or resuming your social life.

For up to a fortnight after the intervention, it may be that the lips assume another colour and are swollen. The regular application of cold compresses on the lips will help the oedema to disappear, while you take care to avoid any feeling of burning due to overly close contact between the ice and the skin. During the first days, liquid food is recommended.


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