Nipple Reduction

Anticipated pain level Minimal
Anaesthetic Local
Duration of Surgery 30 minutes
Scars Virtually invisible, at the level of the nipple
Final Results 1 month
Social isolation None


Breastfeeding or a genetic predisposition can be at the origin of overly long or pronounced nipples.

This problem can easily be corrected under local anaesthesia, or at the time of a mammary reduction or a breastlift.


The Intervention

Nipple reduction is performed under local anaesthesia. During this intervention, which leaves visible scars, the surgeon must sometimes cut a part of the lactiferous channels. This is why you must inform the surgeon if you still wish to breastfeed after the nipple surgery. He will then suggest a less radical reduction, which preserves the lactiferous channels.


Results and Post-Operative Treatment

The patient can leave the clinic on the very day of the intervention. A dressing is applied for 24 hours and the stitches will be reabsorbed on their own accord.


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