Areola Reduction

Anticipated pain level Minimal
Anaesthetic Local
Duration of Surgery 45 minutes
Scars Virtually invisible around the areola
Final Results 1 month
Social isolation None


This operation is performed in order to reduce the size of the areola and can be combined with nipple surgery or with any other breast-related intervention.


The Intervention

The operation takes about an hour and is performed under local anaesthesia. Via a small incision made on the external part of the areola, the surgeon withdraws a part of the pigmented skin.

This procedure leaves a scar around the areola fine. It has no impact on the possibility of breastfeeding as it preserves the milk ducts.


Results and Post-Operative Treatment

The patient can return home on the day of the intervention. The area can present some swelling and some redness, as well as a feeling of discomfort for a few days; these effects however will fade of their own accord. Painkillers can relieve the postoperative pain. This intervention will leave a thin scar around the areola. It has no consequence on the possibility of breastfeeding since it preserves the lactiferous channels.


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