Mastopexy (Breastlifts)

Anticipated pain level Minimal
Anaesthetic General
Duration of Surgery 2-3 hours
Scars Around the areola and/or vertical and/or horizontal
Final results After 3 - 6 months
Social isolation 7-14 days


A breastlift (or mastopexy) is an intervention that seeks to correct a bosom that is “sagging”. It is the request of women who want to raise and remodel their breasts. It enables the bosom’s appearance to be rejuvenated. 

This intervention differs from a breast reduction, the objective of which is to eliminate any excess of fatty and/or glandular tissues. If the breasts also lack volume, it will be possible to combine a breastlift with the insertion of a mammary prosthesis. A correction of the areola or nipple can also be envisaged.


The Intervention

A breastlift is performed under general anaesthesia and takes approximately three hours. The surgeon makes a first incision around the areola and a second, in a vertical line, from the areola towards the lower fold of the breast. The excess of skin (and possibly the excess of fatty and/or glandular tissues) is eliminated whereas the nipple and the areola remain in contact with the glandular tissues and are repositioned at a higher level. The skin which is above the nipple is retightened below the nipple, in order to create the new shape of the breast.


Results and Postoperative Care

If the operation has not required the addition of prostheses, some drains can be put under the skin for two days.

A specific bra must be worn for a month.

The final result can be appreciated after roughly three months.


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