Mammary Reduction

Anticipated pain level Minimal
Anaesthetic General
Duration of Surgery 2-3 hours
Scars Around the areola and / or vertical and / or horizontal
Final results after 3 - 6 months
Social isolation 7-14 days


Certain women are embarrassed by the weight or the lack of firmness of their breasts. They can even suffer pain in the back or shoulders and experience difficulties of a psychic nature. A mammary reduction can therefore be performed for medical or aesthetic reasons.

Mammary reduction involves the removal of mammary tissue, which differentiates it from a breastlift. It can be combined with a correction of the areola or the nipple.


The Intervention

A mammary reduction takes two to three hours and is performed under general anaesthesia. A first incision is made around the areola and a second, vertical, departs from the areola down to the fold under the breast. The surgeon removes the excess of skin and/or glandular tissue. He then repositions the nipple and the areola.


Results and Post-Operative Treatment

The stitches can be removed about a fortnight after the operation.

The final result can be seen after three months.


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Instructions for patients

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