Anticipated pain level Minimal to medium
Anaesthetic General
Duration of Surgery 1-2 hours
Scars Lower hemi-areola
Final results After 2 months
Social isolation 7 days


Gynecomastia is the excessive development of mammary glands in men, often for hormonal reasons. It can cause major social embarrassment (refusal to wear light clothes in the summer, to go to the swimming pool, to show ones bare chest to ones spouse or in a sports group, etc). Only a surgical operation can cure it, once hormonal or cancerous pathologies have been set aside.


The Intervention

The surgeon carries out a liposuction and, if necessary, an ablation of the gland. The operation is performed under general anaesthesia and takes about an hour.


Results and Post-Operative Treatment

The patient can return home on the day of the operation.

The dressing applied just after the operation can be removed 24 hours after it. The stitches will be removed, at Beclinic or by the attending physician, ten days after the intervention. A compressive garment must be worn for four after the intervention.


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