Treatment of
Dark Rings



Dark rings are genetic. They have a purplish colour.

They are due to the fact that the skin beneath the eyes is very fine and lets the blood pigments beneath the dermis show through. It is this “transparency” phenomenon that discolours the skin.

The treatment of dark rings involves abrasive techniques, which enable the discoloured skin to be eliminated in order to allow it to be regenerated in a form of better quality.


Types of rings

For Red Rings, the Vascular Laser

The vascular laser acts by producing an impulse of laser light which burns the capillary vessel. The aftermaths are light - redness on the skin and a feeling of overheating will appear but disappear a few hours after the session thanks to the application of moisturising and alleviating cream.

For Brown Rings, Peeling

Peeling consists in “having the skin peeled” in order to lessen the rings. In addition, it allows the new skin to be better toned, smoother and suppler.

For Blue or Violet Rings

These are rings that are trickier to treat.

In general, it is recommended that the very fine skin of this area be thickened by the injection of a filler product.


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