Venus Legacy



Venus Legacy is a revolutionary machine which combines multipolar radio frequency and therapy by electromagnetic pulsations in order to firm up and smooth the skin and to redraw the contour of your figure.

The treatment is without risk and is completely painless.

The results can be measured straightaway.


Action Mechanisms

Use of the Venus Legacy causes a thermal reaction in the tissues concerned, which engenders the formation of collagen and the production of new elastin fibres. The skin immediately adopts a younger and more elastic appearance.

Areas, Indications and Contraindications


Reduces wrinkles and fights against cutaneous relaxation

Arms, Stomach and Thighs:

  • • Reduction of the cutaneous relaxation on the arms, stomach and thighs;
  • • Reduction of cellulite;
  • • Measurable refinement of your figure.


- To redraw the contours of the face or the figure by restructuring the existing collagen and elastin. The Legacy radio frequency retightens the skin’s fibres (collagen, elastin), which become thicker and thus firmer for a smoother and denser skin.

- To firm up by generating new collagen and elastin

- To smooth away orange peel skin by action on the fatty cells (lipolysis): The Legacy radio frequency, by its heating effect, makes the adipocytes more permeable and decreases their fat content, which makes it possible to mitigate the “orange peel” effect.

- To reduce the cellulite and to restart the cell growth: The Legacy radio frequency stimulates the formation of new little subcutaneous blood vessels in order to obtain optimised drainage of the toxic waste as well as a higher inflow of minerals, vitamins and oxygen.


Session Procedure

The doctor massages the area concerned with the machine during a session that takes about 20 minutes.

The treatment is painless - only a feeling of heat on the area concerned can be experienced.

Number of Sessions and Effects

The effect of the treatment is visible as of the first session; for a lasting effect, two sessions per week for two weeks are recommended, followed by one session per week for four to six weeks.

A maintenance session every eight weeks is recommended in order to maintain the treatment’s effect.


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