Correction of Scars



Scars are treated either by a surgical operation, or with the MiXto SX® laser.

Action Mechanism

When a beam of CO2 light makes contact with the skin, it heats, vaporises and immediately eliminates the superficial layers of the skin. A new epidermis is then formed thanks to the increased collagen production induced by the MiXto SX® laser.

Areas, Indications and Contraindications

All the areas of the face and the body can be treated.



Laser treatment can make scars disappear.


Session Procedure

The treatment takes about 20 minutes according to the size and the colour of the scar. Several sessions may be needed. After the treatment, the treated area changes colour and little blisters can form at the place that has been treated. These are only temporary and usually disappear after a few days.

For the period of treatment, and therefore certainly in the weeks before and after it, it is recommended that any excessive exposure to the sun, sunbeds, and self-tanning cream be avoided. In most cases, the results are already visible after a few weeks


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